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It was a difficult decision for Haskell Indian Nations University President Venida Chenault but the future of the football program was at a crossroads.  "I believe there are certain times when you really need to take a step back and look at the direction you are going," said Chenault.  "The University has such a long standing tradition with football but I believe it was time to do some real soul searching and develop a long term plan for the program."

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New Athletic Director Todd Davis met with 25 players from last year's team on Thursday to discuss the institution's recent decision on football.  Haskell Indian Nations University suspended the program on June 12 and some questions still lingered about the future of football at the institution.  "I just felt like the players needed to hear from the Athletic Department," said Davis.  "Anybody that represents Haskell in intercollegiate athletics has my attention and respect."

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With temperatures dropping below 30's this week. The Indian's not only said their farewell to the beautiful weather, they also said farewell to 4 seniors. Maverick Lang, Victor DeMarco, Kaleb Burns and Devin Leitka will be graduating from Haskell.

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The cool breeze brought the smell of hotdogs and popcorn. Laughter lingered in the air. All the sounds and scents from a tailgate party as fans, including alumni, were anticipating the football game. The colorful evening sky that only Kansas could offer was the perfect backdrop for the Indians to enter the field from the arch. The first quarter got the crowd going.

Devin Leitka, Kaleb Burns, Maverick Lang, Victor DeMarco
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