Haskell opened in 1884 as the United States Indian Industrial Training School with an enrollment of 22 American Indian children grades one through five.  Training focused on agriculture, and the vocational trades.  By 1894, training expanded beyond the elementary level, and new studies were offered to include a commercial department.  Post-secondary courses were offered at Haskell Institute in 1927 and by 1970 a junior college curriculum was in place.  With the vision to continue academic progression and plans for the 21st century, Haskell Indian Junior College became Haskell Indian Nations University in 1993.

Today, Haskell offers baccalaureate degrees in Indigenous and American Indian Studies, Business Administration, Elementary Education and Environmental Science.  The average enrollment at Haskell is 900, with multi-tribal student representation from rural, reservation, ranchero, village, pueblo, and urban settings.  Haskell sits on 320 acres, and is home to 12 structures on the National Register of Historic Places; including the Haskell Memorial Football Stadium. 

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