The Athletic Department has four venues for athletic competition.

Haskell Cross Country Course

A downhill start provides the runner with the opportunity to take advantage of the very fast course.  The course is fairly flat with slight turns through the Medicine Wheel.  Gently rolling hills lead to a minimal incline finish.

Start line is located on the south campus.

University Course:

High School Course:


Haskell Memorial Stadium

Funded completely by American Indians, and dedicated in 1926.  The stadium is home to a natural grass field.  The seating capacity is approximately 10,000.  Seating for the Haskell fan is located on the north side. 

The ticket gate is located at the Arch (west stadium), and the pass gate is situated at the southeast corner of the stadium.


Haskell Softball Field

A natural grass outfield; the softball venue is located just east of the stadium.  There is no ticket gate for the field.


Tony Coffin Sports Complex

Located southeast of the football stadium, the "Complex" is home to the varsity basketball and volleyball programs.  The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin Court is a parquet surface that was permanently set in 1994.  The seating capacity is approximately 2,000.

The ticket gate is located at the south entrance.  The player entrance is situated at the west patio.

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