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Football - Sat, Aug. 22, 2015

New Athletic Director Todd Davis met with 25 players from last year's team on Thursday to discuss the institution's recent decision on football.  Haskell Indian Nations University suspended the program on June 12 and some questions still lingered about the future of football at the institution.  "I just felt like the players needed to hear from the Athletic Department," said Davis.  "Anybody that represents Haskell in intercollegiate athletics has my attention and respect."

The meeting lasted for more than one hour and the mood remained fairly positive.  Even though Davis wouldn't commit to a timeframe, there was a sense that football could be an option in the future. However, big steps would have to be taken to ensure the safety of the players and the funding for the program.  "I don't think most people realize how much money would be needed to maintain a competitve football team," said Davis.  "At this level, we are projecting an expense of $500,000.00 an an annual basis."

Davis hopes to have a plan of action developed by November 1 that will give more clarification on the direction of the program.  The plan will provide detailed information on the budget and any facility upgrades needed to have a successful team.  "As disappointing as the decision to suspend the program was to our football players, I believe we can rise above any hard feelings and create an atmosphere in intercollegiate athletics we can all be proud of in the future," stated Davis.  "However, it's going to take everyone inside and outside of Haskell Indian Nations University to get this accomplished."

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