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Football - Mon, Sep. 24, 2012

(LAWRENCE KS) As the sun set Saturday over Memorial Field, the Indians and Bacone College kicked off game four of Haskell Football's season. Athletes and fans were pulling for a win against our rival Warriors. The Indians came out hard and fought endlessly through the night, but in the end, it would be experience that would win the game.

Wrapped up in this Haskell team is determination, skill, athleticism, and most importantly youthfulness. A majority of the Haskell team that played Saturday night was of the freshman class. Freshmen or not, the Indians would push through.

Bacone started out in the first quarter with the kickoff. Canku One Star (SO) would return the kick for 22 yards. Then Freshman Quarterback Dominick Panzy would start for the Indians playing in his second game of the season.

Bacone would score from a hand-off run at 8:08 in the first quarter followed by the good kick. The Warriors would then bring the ball to the end zone one more time bringing the score to 19-0.

In the second quarter, the Indians would answer back as Chris Dupris (FR) carries it in for a touchdown. Caleb Chaffin (SR) would bring in the good kick and the score would rise to 19-7.

 In the third quarter, the Bacone Warriors would creep to a 29-7 lead. Wilber Everett (FR) would catch an interception thrown by Kyle Kuban, and later block the punt running it in for a touchdown. Bacone would answer back in the third in multiple scoring opportunities brining the score to 63-13.

The final for the game would be 77-13 but this young Indian team never stopped fighting with freshman players putting up numbers all night. Leading the team for rushing was Chris Dupris with 23 yards and 1 touchdown. Dominick Panzy passed for 10 completions for 88 yards.

Derrick Hammer (FR) lead the team with receptions at 4 for 26 yards, and Canku One Star (SO) returned 5 kicks for a total of 105 yards.

Mark Lievens (FR) had one sack and 5 tackles for the game and Wilber Everett had 1 interception for the Indians.

Currently in Indian Football:


Ranked Number 2 In Division I in Punt Returns Yds per att

Ranks Number 24 In Division I in Sacks Against.

Ranks 26 in Total Sacks


Freshman Wilber Everett Ranks Number 3 in Division 1 for Interceptions per Game, Number 4 for Total Interceptions, and Number 24 For Total Punt Returns.

Freshman Mark Lievens Ranks Number 3 in Division 1 for Total Tackles For Loss, Number 6 For Loss per Game, Number 7 For Total Sacks, and Number 6 For Sacks per Game.

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