2014-15 Home Schedule
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Day Time Sport   Opponent
297:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Bacone College
307:00PMFOOTBALL vs. Bethel College
27:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Graceland University
117:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University
127:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. University of St. Mary
177:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Central Methodist University
201:00PMFOOTBALL vs. Mayville State University
266:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
107:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Peru State College
118:15AMWOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRYHaskell Invite - Homecoming 2014
118:45AMMEN'S CROSS COUNTRYHaskell Invite - Homecoming 2014
116:00PMFOOTBALL vs. Waldorf College
 Homecoming 2014
177:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Ottawa University
297:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Central Christian College
15:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. McPherson College
17:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. McPherson College
65:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Park University
77:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Bellevue University
810:30AMMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY2014 MCAC Conference Championships & NAIA National Qualifier
810:30AMWOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY2014 MCAC Conference Championships & NAIA National Qualifier
811:00AMVOLLEYBALL vs. York College
81:00PMFOOTBALL vs. Trinity Bible College
 Senior Day
115:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Kansas Wesleyan University
117:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Kansas Wesleyan University
137:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Southwestern College
187:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Ottawa University
257:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Tabor College
132:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. William Penn University
134:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. William Woods University
175:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Saint Ambrose University
25:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Bethany College
57:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. University of St. Mary
165:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. College of the Ozarks
167:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. College of the Ozarks
173:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Central Baptist College
175:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Central Baptist College
305:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Waldorf College
307:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Waldorf College
313:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. College of Saint Mary
315:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Bellevue University
105:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
107:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
135:30PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. York College
137:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. York College
143:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Central Christian College
145:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Central Christian College
281:00PMSOFTBALL vs. Midland University
28Game 2SOFTBALL vs. Midland University
102:00PMSOFTBALL vs. Central Christian College
10Game 2SOFTBALL vs. Central Christian College
63:00PMSOFTBALL vs. Sterling College
6Game 2SOFTBALL vs. Sterling College
172:00PMSOFTBALL vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
17Game 2SOFTBALL vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
182:00PMSOFTBALL vs. Central Baptist College
18Game 2SOFTBALL vs. Central Baptist College
192:00PMSOFTBALL vs. McPherson College
19Game 2SOFTBALL vs. McPherson College
20 MEN'S GOLFDay 1 - Haskell University Tournament
21 MEN'S GOLFDay 2 - Haskell University Tournament
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